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We construct some of the finest spas (Hot Tubs) in Oklahoma City. All of our hot tubs are raised above the pool for easy access. They include dedicated jet pump, air in the seat, venturi air on jets, underwater l.e.d. lighting and remote control.


All tile spa 1995

This tub was constructed in 1995. It is all tile and as you can see, very nice.

All tile spa 1985

We built this 8 foot raised tub in 1985. It too is all tile.

1985 N.W. Oklahoma City

Here is another view of this round classic looker.

2010 Mustang, Oklahoma

This one is in Mustang, Oklahoma and constructed in 2010 with stamped coping to match the pool.

Stamped coping on 7' raised

Here is a close-up look at the action of the 6 jets.

Elk City, Oklahoma 2004

This one was constructed in Elk City, Oklahoma in 2004

1985 Amarallo, Texas  all tile

This one was kind of a different story. It is in Amarillo, Texas. 

When I got to the job, it was a mess. The center column was 10" out of plumb. 

It took us 3 weeks to tile this all tile modern tub.



Step lighting 1985

I installed "Tube Lights" in the grout line just above the water line and in the steps.

North Edmond, Oklahoma

This 7 footer attached to a nice freeform pool in Edmond, Ok.

2009 East Oklahoma City

This 16' by 32' freeform pool is in Eastern Oklahoma City, built in 2009.


This one is in Quail Creek, North Oklahoma City. Notice the craftsmanship detail.


Here it is with the seat bubbles going, pushed by a 2h.p. blower.

2015 second for this family

The above tub was constructed for a repete customer. This is the second pool we built for this happy Edmond family.

Nichols hills 2004

And so on and so forth, We have a bunch!

Oval Spa April 2017

This oval spa was topped with "River Roc".

All tile beauty built in 1985

This all tile beauty built in 1985 in Oklahoma City.

Raised spa constructed in 2005





Building a great spa is Kirby's passion. We never use a blower on the jets. They are venturi only. We feel this allows the air action to enter the water and not bubble up on the coping, thus keeping the water in the spa.