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Custom Pool Design and Construction Done by Professionals with Decades of Experience.

Your pool constructed by Sweetwater Pools is equipped with a freeze guard to protect your pool during cold weather. It is designed to turn the pump or pumps on when the weather gets below a preset temperature. Moving water will not freeze in a pipe. However, you will need to take some precautions when we get a cold snap. Watch the weather during the cold months. If we get a forecast for below frigid conditions, you may want to turn your heater on low a day or two before the front arrives to get the concrete and water warmer. When it gets really cold your heater will not fire for its own protection. Open all suction and return lines to allow water to run through all pipes. Open any "Bubblers" as well. Place the pool sweep in the water and open its valve about 40%. Adjust your returns (eyeballs) to break the surface of the
, by pointing them up to help prevent "ice over". If you have a spa (without automation) and I told you about "that sweet spot" to draw water from the spa and back to the spa without draining or overflowing the tub, do so at this time. Make sure to watch the spa for some time when performing this task! If you have automation, you can open all valves some by rotating the valve via the little toggle switch, when you get the effect you want, place switch in center, thus turning the auto rotate off.
Blowers do not contain water, so they can remain off.
If you have a blackout during a cold spell, drain the heater first, then the pumps and then the filter. Place all removed plugs in the pump basket. Turn all outside breakers off to the pool equipment because when your electric comes back on, the pumps will not have water in them and they will burn up! If you get ice over, break it up or place a floating ice chest in the water to reduce ice pressure. If you have a water feature, drain it's pump before cold weather, turn the breaker for that pump off if it has a separate breaker. You can use a shop vacuum in reverse to blow the lines out. If the feature pump is on the same breaker, turn that breaker off and disconnect the wires from the pump or inside the timer box and cover with wire nuts. Then turn the breaker back on. Do this before the cold gets here!
No warrantee will be in effect due to freezing or electric failure!
Heater use is to be limited to warm weather. We installed a “by pass” on our show pool. During the cold, I disconnect the heater from the pool plumbing and still run the filter. The thinking is not to run water through the heat exchanger. That way you are saving wear and tear on the heater, extending it’s life.
Your salt system will not make chlorine when the water temperature is below 50 degrees. You will still need the sanitation system working in the winter. Place a chlorine floater in the water with about 3 large tabs in it. Check it every few days or so. You can turn the run time of the filter down to about 6 hours a day. You should winterize a stand-alone waterfall during freezing conditions.
Maintain skimmer baskets more in the late fall due to the leaves falling. I suggest buy the skimmer baskets with the tall Handle in the center. If you have a pro logic automation from Hayward, disable chlorine off until warmer weather.
Most pool builders recommend leaving your pool open 12 months a year. Some people want to cover their pools, but I don’t recommend doing so unless you want to use a solar cover. Removing these every 3 weeks or so during the winter to clean and inspect the inside and to clean leaves out and off the cover.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call me.
Pool Sweeps
Your suction side pool sweep furnished by us is a fine cleaner.
When removing it, open other valves first, the close sweep valve. Remove sweep head first, then hoses. Store with hoses straight, not coiled!

     New Plaster Instructions
Your pool has been plastered with hand finished marble dust and Portland plaster.
The use of this type of plaster on pools has been in place for some decades.
Items to consider and adhere to!
Under no circumstance shall you discontinue filling pool with fresh filtered and sanitized (not well) water until full.
Hose started by plaster crew has a sponge on the end. Do not remove!
Follow any instructions given to you by the plaster crew.
Fill pool to just above the half way point on the waterline tile.
Should you find it necessary to add a "second" hose. Wait until water is deep enough for the second water stream to fall in the water with no splash! Allow no water to drip or splash on walls or steps.
Keep any and all pets, persons away from and out of the pool until full.
Color variations "modeling" are common in colored plaster. This only enhances the look.
Modeling occurs in all cement finishes. Expect color variations to occur.
Once the pool is completely full of water you may swim without shoes, toys or pets for 20 days.
Pool sweeps shall not be installed for at least 14 days. They will scratch plaster.
No hand vacuuming for at least 20 days, wheel marks may appear.
Make sure to wait 30 days before any salt is placed in pool. Install floater until salt.
Dissolve salt with brush when installing. Never allow salt to sit on the pool bottom!
Brush your colored plaster for the first week with a plastic pool brush if needed.
Never use pelleted fertilizer in your backyard, only liquid. Pellets will deface pool plaster.
I read, understood, agree and shall adhere to these instructions. Read water meter before and after pool is full for pool volume.
Owner, _________________________. Date, ______________

Please call Sweetwater Pools with any related questions.

Below are a couple of photos of our "Show Pool", call and come see for yourself!

Show pool

Notice how the L.E.D. lighting makes the whole pool "Glow"!


Show pool

And what about the "Fiber Optic" lighting in the raised stone wall?

Spa jets at bench

Below is our "show pool", call for a twilight viewing.

fiber optic lights

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We built 3 pools for this family!!!

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