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Faux-Stone is a start up company from Sweetwater Pools inc. It's conception in early 1999.

Company purpose is to fill a void in the artificial rock manufacturing industry.

Faux-Stone Description

Faux-Stone is cast in place or made from molds captured from nature.

 Faux-Stone is designed to resemble natural stone or rock, but without the maintenance. 

Faux-Stone comes to it's own were real stone is not feasibly, due to location or application.

History of Faux-Stone

False or Faux-Stone is thought to originate (in this country) from Hollywood. 

It's uses have been seen in countless movies and television shows. Also appearing on a larger scale in Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Theme parks. 

Faux-Stone Uses

Faux-Stone uses are limited only by your imagination. Some uses include.

Landscape boulders, Retainer walls,  Pillars, Greek ruins, Commercial store fronts, Planters and tree rings Swimming pools, water falls and features

Movie sets and stage production, Interior and exterior application, Zoos, Theme parks and Botanical Gardens.


Lightweight and durable, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels

provide unlimited diversity in color and form. 

Faux-Stone manufactures GFRC panels using a cement/ aggregate slurry reinforced

throughout with alkali-resistant glass fibers.

Panels weight from 8 to 12 pounds per square foot. 

Economical, easy and quick to install, fire resistant and energy efficient.

Faux-Stone designs, fabricates and installs GFRC panels on a turnkey basis, working

closely with designers, owners and contractors to develop the most cost effective approach.

GFRC panels are an excellent choice for very decorative and intricate shapes and applications.

GFRC is often selected over carved concrete due to the fact that 

it is a copy of nature, without using natural resources.

Cast in place concrete with steel reinforcing also secondary reinforcing obtained with glass fibers

G.F.R.C. rock panels offering the most realistic look.

Any shape can be obtained due to the properties of concrete.

Many different colors and textures are available

Most small installations can be completed in two to seven days. 


Faux-Stone can be applied over any solid surface or metal lath.

Faux-Stone is impervious to rain, hail and freezing weather.

Faux-Stone weighs much less than natural stone and rock.

Faux-Stone inc.

8031 North Wilshire Court suite A.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132

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Below is a sample of "Twilight Stones"


Stamped interior of Spa


Stamped spa

Stamped raised spa



Stamped coping on 7' tub